ESR1 - Damping and shakedown of frictional contacts in partial slip

Recruiting Institution/Company: University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

PhD awarded by: University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Objectives: Provide a methodology to classify contact interfaces in large-scale models. Produce models of complete and incomplete contacts in partial slip. If possible extend this to asymptotic forms which can be ‘pasted in’ to finite contacts, to provide generality. Determine the upper and lower bounds for frictional shakedown.

Expected Results: Damping factor equivalents for a wide range of contact types; loads which give rise to cyclic slip and those which lead to a shaken down (lossless) state.

Planned secondment(s):
Rolls-Royce: collection of data, application of results to practical contacts, experience of approaches available in the company.
Imperial College: comparison between Imperial experimentally determined damping factors with shakedown calculation results.

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Early Stages Researcher

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