ESR15 - I/O Optimization using NVRAM as both Memory and Persistent Storage

Recruiting Institution/Company: Cray UK (United Kingdom)

PhD awarded by: University of Bristol (United Kingdom)

Objectives: Non-volatile memories will be used as both high-capacity memory and as lower-latency persistent storage in future systems. Each usage model raises new technical and accessibility challenges. This project investigates both programmability and optimizations specific to these two non-volatile memory models in order to improve both intermediate and file-I/O performance of targeted applications from the EXPERTISE community.

Expected Results: NVRAM state-of-the-art. Development of I/O optimization methods for application targets, memory and file-based API state-of-the-art. Development of optimization tool for file-based I/O and memory-based optimization toolset.

Planned secondment(s):
USTUTT: comparison of existing memory and I/O optimization methods and analysis of existing APIs
RR: I/O characterization of real-world industrial applications

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